IPE decking

IPE wood originating from South America is also called Brazilian walnut. It is a beautiful exotic wood and perfect for IPE decking. The IPE wood has a hard and strong structure. The structure of the IPE wood is als naturally resistant to rot, abrasion, weather (rain, water) and insects. The density of the IPE wood is almost twice as most woods and it is up to five times harder.

The color of the IPE wood is just like a mahogany. It has a medium to darker brown color. Thanks to this color the wood has the beauty of a fine interior wood. It will also last a long time. With the right maintenance and cleaning the color can be brought back to its original state.

IPE decking is very popular nowadays, but why?

The most important reason is the density of the IPE wood. It is one of the few woods on earth that can sink into water without affecting the wood, not like other woods.

The next important reason is the toughness of the wood and the resistance to many things that normally affects wood. Moisture, insects and mould have no chance of affecting the wood. Also it has the same fire rating as steel and concrete. Impressive!

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