What is drop shipping?

You barely remember it: dropshipping. In recent years, declining sales of online shopping seem to be on the rise. This e-business is often described as a way to make money fast. And it is not only fast but also easy. But is it right? What is Real Drop Shipping and can anyone open an Online Drop Shipping Store? We discuss this and many other issues in this blog. Welcome to the world of Drop Shipping!

Does this mean good distribution? Keep it simple and get started. Drop shipping is one way to supplement, which means the product is not in stock in the online store. This is a logical relationship with e-commerce, because it opens the door to online opportunities.
The Drop Shipping online store never owns the product, but it was shipped by a third party. This third party (supplier) handles the inventory and sends the package directly to the customer. Sounds good, right? All you have to do is open an online store and sell merchandise on the other side. Or is there something else you need to think about as a freight forwarder?
Packages are sent by courier.
The difference between dropshipping and retail
To illustrate this: the difference between a regular store or a regular online store and an online drop shipping store is as follows:

Drop Shipper (s) has no personal shares. This means that you do not have to think about the location of storage and delivery of the product. With their inventory management in a regular store or online store, entrepreneurs have to decide for themselves.
In shipping stores, customers place orders online. Sent immediately to a third party (supplier). This ensures full receipt of the product directly from the customer. In this way, you provide resources for inventory management and third party delivery, which we call Performance Services.
Drop transport is attractive to many young traders because you do not need to invest much in capital. You do not have to buy your shares and give them away. Therefore, the risk is lower.

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