2021: the year Blizzard’s image was shattered

The icy storm is the world’s largest bunch, recognized as warrior and world appeal. When this year is a little about the matches when they used to talk for the warriors: destroyed for war: destroy from commercial work. And who is more time for players. Fantastic activities and worlds when playing the games, you know you know you know a great suspect or very. When don’t they have more wonderful sports for all the fantastic games. It is because of a problem in the company. Will be a large brother culture. This can be compared to the Netherlands, but a small drop and a small network of a small network. Women are always striped: they have not paid for the same job, and they should deal with a big sex. In addition, the pump room is generally not blocked, and a person runs regularly. When it reaches the bag this year, as valid board members and more stories in an employee of the employee. But this year begins, two years ago, regular workers in employees and the relevant workers who begin to investigate workers. Sexic obstacles are no matter how women have been taken due to women who attack women. Also also deal with several alcohol measures and still seems suicide in action. The work that is with man’s factor, and what he is already hunting her tips at work is already. Kalifuria Manage an active war to protect their employees? It comes with a statement that criticizes the deposit of complaints in large numbers. He is this that it fits the research with research, In short, immediately, immediately, immediately to discuss the disposition in a law. It also believes that all these sets and equivalent procedures. Protesters on protest residues that are not appropriate: 2000 employees (already signed) Internal letter that signed his criticism. They have seen the picture and unsure that the management will set up a staff on itself. Director-General C. Allen Bronic replied that he wants to sit with an employee (although it departed as a regular director in a few weeks). At the end, another e-mail from the company’s top manager has started with a little less universified: all will be made of context. At the end of the former Executive Blover, apologies for workers in the snowstorm. Mike Previous CEO that he regrets it is regret the cold. Only I think I was on the fact that he has a “serious language, fortune: also paid on signs paid in their culture. The world in the past corner now you think I just want to play the game, why do I need it to read it? Because of it you can inspire your behavior. So, you can ask yourself if you want to invest the money in this company that happens in this company. However, it is also what the game is also. For example, Warning World Traction of Warriors is so quiet, and it depends on complaints. Concerns, as it is not only for menstruation, but for the company. At this time, Garging Grimet Girl is still before. When the work is taken from warriors, it is taken away from playing games. Developers and other staff match in match and necessary activity. Finally, recognize the snowstorm as ALXS was delivered to 2020 to contact other employees. He was also joking with Belbi pictures that participated in the protest.

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